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    Provding You With Unique Quality

    About SHUFENG

    Provding You With Unique Quality

    Wenzhou Shufeng Automatic Control Valve CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive, export-oriented and modern enterprise integrating scientific research, design, development, production and sales. Strong technical force, advanced production technology, testing equipment, product performance excellence, the use of various industries, product performance and service by the user's praise and trust.
    Latest News

    Accumulated Bit By Bit To Improve, To Perfect The Future

    17 2017-10

    The Characteristics and Application of Pneumatic B

    Pneumatic ball valve is composed of ball valve pneumatic actuators, pneumatic actuators are divided ...
    17 2017-10

    Pneumatic ball valve and what compared to other ad

    The pneumatic ball valve is compact in structure, reliable in sealing, simple in structure and conve...
    17 2017-10

    Pneumatic angle seat valve features

    Features of pneumatic corner valve: 1. Visual position indicator: can be connected with limit switch or emergency m...
    17 2017-10

    Seven commonly used electric ball valve introducti

    1. Q941F electric flange ball valve: the Q941F electric flange ball valve is suitable for two cuttin...
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    Wenzhou Shufeng Automatic Control Valve CO.,LTD
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